Make your conference unforgettable
Gather transforms your event into an immersive experience that captivates attendees from start to finish.
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No more boring webinars or livestreams
Organize hackathons, conventions, and summits where attendees can interact face-to-face with presenters and each other.
Create a seamless event experience
Instead of jumping from link to link, attendees can simply walk from one session to another, even bumping into each other for a quick catch-up along the way.
Custom rooms for your every need
Need a breakout room for a workshop? How about an exhibition hall for a poster session? Set up rooms for each session in minutes, not days.
Sponsors get the facetime they deserve
Give sponsors the VIP treatment with customizable booths for attendees to chat with representatives.
Host engaging keynotes and panels
No more clumsy transitions between presenters — just walk up and start screensharing. Attendees can ask questions in the chat, or start side conversations with their colleagues.
Revive your networking sessions
Skip the awkward glances. Attendees can easily hop between conversations, and get to know each other better by splitting off into private spaces.
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Building better teams, bit by bit

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