Your Virtual HQ

Gather brings the best of in-person collaboration to distributed teams.

The in-person moments you’ve been missing


Bring your remote team closer together

Communicate, collaborate, and feel more connected in a persistent space that reflects your unique team culture.


Talk naturally throughout your day

Stop by someone's desk, say hi in the hallway, and bring back water cooler chats. No scheduling required.


Meet in the moment

Collaborate in the moment or schedule team meetings to keep everyone aligned and work moving forward.

Everything remote teams need to get work done

Share multiple screens at the same time
Slack integration
Virtual backgrounds and background blur
Premium support
(Premium Office plans only)
Google Integration
Outlook integration
See when meetings happen in your office
Collaborate on shared whiteboards
And more!

Why distributed teams love Gather

"Gather has done more for Beatport’s engineering operations, culture, and productivity than anything else in the last 5 years."
Morgan Soley
Director of Engineering at Beatport
“We love our virtual office because it lets us keep the spontaneity of an in-person office alive.”
Tobias Nendel
CTO & Co-Founder of TradeLink
“Because we are a remote company, our Gather office IS our shared space. It is very much OUR office.”
Isabella Sales
People Area Manager at Redspark
“There are nice perks that you don’t get in Google Meets. Gather is something different – it’s this atmosphere you can create that’s unique to your company that no one else has.”
Nolan Kruse
Sr. Solutions Architect at Flywheel Software
“Gather has changed and enhanced the way that we break borders and empower an international company. We have felt the positive impact of Gather on the way we work from Day 1.”
Jonas Morgner
Chief of Staff at TradeLink
“When people think about weme now, they think about our remote office on Gather. It’s an important part of our company.”
Carolina Kia
CEO at weme
“With Gather, we were able to adapt the experience of our clients and employees from our physical office to our virtual office. Today, we can provide a very similar level of a delightful experience, but in a virtual environment.”
Carolina Nucci
CMO at weme

Build a culture your remote team loves