gATHER FOR Startups

Build the team culture you’ve always wanted

Bring the energy of in-person collaboration to the flexibility of remote work, and unlock a culture of cohesion and connection that leads to action.

“Leaders must understand the potential of a tool like Gather. It’s not only about having fun. It’s about people feeling that they belong somewhere. And when people are happy, they stay at their company and deliver better results. Everything related to business, it comes.”
Carolina Kia
CEO at weme

Easier conversations lead to quicker decisions

Free your team from scheduling conversations to get things done. With Gather, it’s easy to hold quick conversations and collaborate with velocity.

Attract and retain top employees

By giving employees a space to connect with each other, you’ll improve engagement and help them stay connected to the team and mission.

Build a culture that balances productivity and fun

One of the reasons people love Gather is that it brings joy to their day. Customize your office to feel like your own and create the culture you’ve always wanted.

“We love our virtual office because it lets us keep the spontaneity of an in-person office alive.”
Tobias Nendel
CTO and Co-Founder at TradeLink

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