Say goodbye to meeting fatigue

Hold conversations that are engaging and energizing, whether you schedule them in advance or spontaneously connect

Before we started using Gather, we sat for 8 hours a day in a Google Meet just looking at each other’s faces. It was intimidating though, and more of a production. Gather is more casual to go chat rather than spending all day in a Google Meet or sending a link in Slack.
Technical Support Manager at RITE

Add dimension to your meetings

A digital, “physical” space gives your remote team new ways to collaborate during calls, like holding a fishbowl meeting or going around the table for a standup.

Or skip the meeting entirely

Easily pop over to your teammate's desk to ask a question or say hi as you pass someone in the hallway. No more scheduling for quick conversations!

See meetings happening in real-time, making it easy to join or talk to someone afterwards.
Keep the energy up with chat, emojis, and delightful surprises.
Multiple people can share their screen, making it easy to transition from one participant to the next.

Learn more about hosting team meetings in Gather

Connect your Google or Outlook Calendar

These integrations make it easy to schedule meetings in Gather.

Best practices for meetings on Gather

Learn how to keep meetings private, different ways to interact, and our best conversation tips.

Dynamic meeting formats to hold with your team

A virtual office lets you move around, split into side conversations, and see who's talking.

Turn endless meetings into productive conversations

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