gATHER FOR Managers

Be there for your team without endless meetings

Improve team dynamics and foster spontaneous collaboration with a space that brings everyone together.

“In Gather, even if my camera is off, my team can see me. They get that sense of presence. They know I exist, and that I care about my work. It makes our relationship and interactions more real and human.”
CTO and Co-Founder at Marvin

Easily hold office hours

No more sitting in an empty meeting link all day. With Gather, your team can see when you’re free or talking to another member of the team, so it’s easy to approach you for questions.

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Improve team collaboration

Create dedicated team meeting areas, coworking spaces, and personal desks for focus time. This gives each person flexibility for how they work, plus visibility for everyone else.

Make mentorship easy

Wondering how often someone is meetings, or planning for them to shadow you all day? Gather gives back the visuals that are important for younger employees to observe as they level up their careers.

“On Gather, we are closer and more agile in communication among employees. Proximity in our digital space has made it easy to work together.”
Isabella Sales
People Manager at Redspark

Improve collaboration and connections within your team

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