Share experiences with your team, whether they’re planned or spontaneous

Create a space to bring everyone together for team socials, or let connections form naturally with water cooler conversations

“Time on Gather is special because it is a place where we have memories together.”
Isabella Sales
People Manager at Redspark

More than “mandatory fun” time

Gather isn’t just another Zoom happy hour. Play games with your team, mingle with your coworkers, and split off into side conversations - just like you would when you get together in person.

An ever-present digital water cooler

Your virtual office is a persistent place where teammates can talk when they’re craving connection. Instead of planning a social each month, your team can build culture all the time.

Built-in games and ways to interact make team socials quicker to plan.
The virtual Space makes it easy for teammates to come and go, or break off into small groups.

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Build remote culture in between meetings

Learn how CTO Labs uses their virtual office to build a fun and collaborative work environment.

How to host a Go Kart Social on Gather

Engage your team with some friendly competition by racing in the Gather Grand Prix.

Embedded games you can play in your office

Quick virtual games like Tetris, Draw Battle, and more are available as objects in your office.

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