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Record Meetings (Premium Office Feature)
December 12, 2023

No worries if someone can't attend a meeting. Use the record button in the bottom navigation bar to record conversations and download the recordings for up to 5 days. Available now for all premium offices.

The Best Way to Gather: The Desktop App
December 8, 2023

After lots of improvements, the Gather Desktop App is more reliable, offers enhanced features, and never gets lost in a browser tab. Download it for Mac & Windows for the best Gather experience.

New Text Tool for In-Space Labels
November 20, 2023

Now you can customize the font, color, and size of a text label, in addition to editing it after you’ve placed it in the space. Available for anyone with Mapmaker access.

Enhanced Background Noise Reduction
November 13, 2023

Working in a noisy environment? Don’t fret! We’ve partnered with Krisp to automatically dull out distracting background noise so you can focus on your conversations. 

Participants Tab on the Mobile App
September 20, 2023

See who's talking in your space and join in a tap. This update makes it easy to join conversations on the go even when there’s no meeting scheduled. Available for iOS and Android. 

New Colors & Styles for Objects, Maps, & Avatars
August 30, 2023

We've updated the look of people, places, and things so you can express yourself and your team in your own colorful, authentic, pixel-perfect way. 

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The Gather Mobile App
August 23, 2023

Stay connected to your team even when you’re on the go. Seamlessly create and join meetings, see upcoming events, and engage in the conversation no matter where you’re working from.

Access Gather with SSO (Available for Enterprise Offices)
July 19, 2023

We're leveling up security to your virtual office by offering SSO on our Virtual Office Enterprise Plan. To learn more about upgrading, talk to our Sales Team.

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Two New Languages: Japanese and Portuguese
May 9, 2023

To better serve our global users, we’ve added two new languages to the Gather app: Japanese and Portuguese. Choose your region in your settings to localize your experience. 

New Guest Check-In Experience
February 22, 2023

Invite guests to your remote work office with peace of mind. This update introduces new ways to manage guests and know when they’re trying to enter your office.

Desktop Mini Mode
February 21, 2023

Display a mini Gather window so you can still see activity in the office even when you're working in other apps. This also helps save screen space while sharing your screen. To try it, download the Gather Desktop App.

See More Videos in Grid View
February 13, 2023

Grid View now displays up to 25 videos and/or screen shares at a time, helping you see everyone and everything you need during larger meetings. 

Wave to Start Conversations
January 6, 2023

Waving is a natural way to get someone’s attention. After you wave, your teammate can choose to wave back, walk over to talk, or send a chat message. 

Leave a Friendly Note
January 6, 2023

Leave a thoughtful note on someone's desk for their birthday, work anniversary, or just a job well done. It's an excellent way to recognize your co-workers and create a sense of community while working from anywhere. 

Claim & Customize Your Desk
January 6, 2023

Set up your personal workspace within the virtual office. This is where coworkers will look for you to see if you're free to talk and also the perfect place to show off your personality at work.

Virtual Backgrounds & Background Blur
January 4, 2023

Disguise distracting backgrounds with new built-in video effects. Turn on background blur, use one of our virtual backgrounds, or upload your own image.

Desktop Notifications for Mac and Windows
November 29, 2022

Get real-time native OS notifications while using the Gather Desktop App. These notifications make it easier to know what's happening in Gather and jump back into your office so you never miss the important moments with your team.

Gather Meetings Slack App
November 2, 2022

You can now jump into team meetings in your virtual office straight from Slack. With this integration, simply type “/gather” in a Slack chat with the coworkers you’d like to meet with.

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116 Bug Fixes & Improvements
October 26, 2022

Lately we've been focused on the details: The small improvements and bug fixes that make Gather easier to use, more reliable, and sometimes just a little more fun! Read this recap to learn about all 116 improvements.

New Ways to React in Real-Time During Meetings
September 22, 2022

We've updated the Emote Bar to make it easier to raise your hand when you have a question and react with your favorite emojis during meetings. You'll see these in the new Reaction Feed so it's easy to keep a pulse on the mood of the meeting.

High Five Your Teammates!
August 24, 2022

If two people are walking toward each other and both use the wave emote, you’ll high-five! It’s a fun way to share a moment with your coworkers, no video or chat required. You’ll even hear a satisfying clap sound to make it even more real!