Building a better way to meet online
Gather is a video chat platform designed to make virtual interactions more human.
A park in Gather with a fountain in the center of four intersecting sidewalks. Green spaces show trees and grass surrounding the fountain.
A meeting hall in Gather. Rows of empty auditorium seats face a stage. Behind the stage are floor to ceiling windows showing a view of house tops and trees.
A 3d map of a marketplace at night with tables, booths, and neon signs.
A small tiki bar at night on a peninsula. A shaved ice truck is parked on the beach.
A spaceship Space in Gather. Couches line the wall and several tables have chairs around them. A dark starry sky is visible outside.
A moonscape in Gather in black and white showing a view of the earth on the horizon.
The outdoor entrance to a conference building in Gather. Trees, shrubs, and benches line the front of the building. Green spaces lead up to the sidewalk in front of the building.
An office in Gather with four rows of desks, a lobby, and a lounge.
A park Space in Gather. In the center of four intersecting sidewalks is a fountain. Four grassy areas with trees surround the fountain.
A banner with five images of Gather Spaces. The first image is partially faded and shows a Gather office. The next image shows a moonscape with the earth hovering in the sky. The third preview shows a custom map of a marketplace with 3d graphics. The fourth shows a meeting hall with floor to ceiling windows in the background showing a view of houses and trees. The final image is a park Space with grass, trees, and sidewalks.
The Metaverse
In many ways, the physical world is extremely constraining.
Today, where you live dictates:
An avatar with a speech bubble says "If you can work at the company that excites you most."An avatar with a speech bubble says "Whether you can access certain educational opportunities."
An avatar with a speech bubble says "Which friends or family you stay close to."
Gather’s mission is to remove these constraints from people’s lives.
We do this by building the Metaverse, a virtual layer over the physical world
where people can work, socialize, and learn.
Gather's role in the Metaverse
Since we launched in May of 2020, Gather has brought millions of people together.
With our creation tools, users are able to build their own custom, interactable spaces.
Five labels expressing examples of the types of Spaces you can have on Gather: Virtual offices, birthday parties, university campuses, conferences, and weddings.
At Gather, we believe in
Being mission obsessed
The sole purpose of Gather is to build the best Metaverse for humanity.
Aligned incentives
History has shown that unaligned business models lead to profit at the cost of the user’s well-being.
Value creation
Society gets the most value out of a Metaverse that is a free, open platform, much like the Internet. Gather aims to capture only a small fraction of the value we create.
Building for everyone
The Metaverse should not discriminate based off of your background or identity.
A New Years Space in Gather with a group of avatars standing in a heart formation. Several avatars are dancing and have red hearts above their heads.
Join our team
We’re a small, friendly team based out of a state-of-the-art virtual office, where you can work whenever and wherever suits you. We are a diverse group of people, but we all care a lot about our work and the impact it has.
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