Build a supportive culture remote engineers love

Gather gives you a space to easily connect with remote members of your technical teams.

people art scene for engineering teams
“In Gather, even if my camera is off, my team can see me. They get that sense of presence. They know I exist, and that I care about my work. It makes our relationship and interactions more real and human.”
CTO and Co-Founder at Marvin

Pair programming that's efficient and enjoyable

Hold conversations in spaces customized by your team. Multiple people can share their screen for more efficient code reviews.

Protect your team's time with fewer meetings

Quick questions can be easily answered by walking up to someone in Gather. No need to check calendars and schedule a whole event for a short conversation.

True flexibility so your team can work how they want

Personalize desks for solo work, coworking areas for spontaneous conversations, or meeting rooms for scheduled check-ins. Everyone can move fluidly throughout the office for flexibility in how they work.

“The time I’ve spent building our Gather space is worth it because it sparks that little bit of joy that I don’t see in other meeting calls. It brings fun into the workspace. And it helps us foster digital interactions that are as similar to workplace interactions as possible.”
Sr. Solutions Architect at Flywheel Software

Build a culture your engineering team loves

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