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The Hero's Guide to Great Meetings on Gather
To help you make the most of your meetings and engage your remote team, we’ve put together this guide with 12 tips for great meetings on Gather. 
How TradeLink enhanced remote company culture with “enjoyable and effective” meetings in Gather
TradeLink scaled their remote company culture thanks to intentional, engaging meeting spaces in their virtual office on Gather. Read more about their onboarding process and tips for other remote teams!
An All New Meeting Experience in Gather!
Host your team on Gather with a remote office-optimized meeting experience. Create meetings from our new Chrome Extension and join your teammates in one click.
Best Practices For Holding Engaging Virtual Town Hall Meetings
Virtual Town Hall (or All Hands) meetings are essential for building a strong remote culture and team alignment. Learn our best practices for keeping your team engaged and inspired.
How to Combat Virtual Meeting Fatigue
Virtual meeting fatigue (a.k.a Zoom fatigue) is making remote teams suffer. Click here to get research-backed tips on how to eliminate it completely.
5 Best Virtual Meeting Apps in 2022
Looking for the best virtual meeting apps for your remote team? Read this guide to explore the best options in 2022.
8 Meeting Formats Remote Teams Can Set Up on Gather
To help you hold more productive and enjoyable meetings, check out these examples of how to arrange your Gather Space.
Start your engines and race your coworkers in a new team Social
Grab your coworkers for a digital break around the race track, and learn about the latest improvements to the Gather desktop app.
Customize chat sound settings + a new board game Social!
Bond with your team over some of the most beloved board games, and learn about updates to chat sounds, Do Not Disturb Mode, and map templates.