Gather Town
Create a virtual learning experience with the quality of in-person relationships

Design an online classroom that facilitates fluid conversations and collaboration between students and educators

“Zoom can't enable circulating through a space, ducking out for a private conversation or walking to the middle of the room and suddenly making a big announcement, but Gather Town can handle those things.”
Prof. Ada Palmer
University of Chicago

Remote learning that goes beyond message boards and one-sided lectures

Gather Town gives back in-classroom context so you can facilitate interactive lessons. Split the class into groups, hold open office hours, and even talk with students before or after lectures.

A place where students can connect with their classmates

Gather Town brings your class together so they can actually talk to each other, collaborate on projects, and build relationships in real-time.

Arrange your perfect classroom in a few quick clicks. Set up lecture seating, group tables, ...whatever your curriculum needs!
Everyone can move freely around the space, making it easy for students to collaborate and stop by to ask you questions

Build a space that brings your class together

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