Help your team connect, no happy hours required

Bring the energy of in-person collaboration to the flexibility of remote work, and build a culture your remote team loves.

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“Gather has changed and enhanced the way that we break borders and empower an international company. We have felt the positive impact of Gather on the way we work from Day 1.”
Jonas Morgner
Chief of Staff at TradeLink

Give autonomy back to your team

A virtual office gives everyone a place to go when they’re craving connections, without needing the People Team to plan a formal event.

Increase employee engagement

Create a space for conversations, collaboration, and context. Even when employees are working from home, they can see they’re not alone.

Hire and onboard top talent from around the world

Many of our customers show off their Gather office on their careers page. It’s seen as a cutting-edge benefit to remote employees, and starts creating a great first impression right from the interview process.

“We have a remote culture that we are proud of thanks to our Gather space. Our culture also helps with hiring, mainly because we use our space to interview candidates and welcome them through onboarding.”
Operations at Flywheel Software

Build a culture your remote employees loves

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