A space for connections and conversations

Gather gives you the place to create the office culture you've always wanted.

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Design your ideal office

Access the office no matter where you’re located and enjoy team productivity and collaboration.

Quick-Start Templates

Instantly get started with office templates, ranging in size for small to large teams.

Full Customization

Easily add or remove objects, or use the MapMaker to design a custom office showing your company’s personality.

Space for Every Style of Work

Create designated areas for meetings, focus work, or social co-working. There’s always room for your team to work the way they work best.

Hold productive conversations

Interact in real-time with visual context, leading to quick decisions and more creative ideas.

Book Meetings

Connect your Google or Outlook Calendar or add our Slack integration to easily schedule meetings in Gather.

Spontaneous Conversations

Walk in and out of conversations just as fluidly as real life.

Collaboration Tools

Ideate together on a whiteboard, share multiple screens at the same time, or embed links in objects for easy in-office access.

Emotes and Reactions

React in real-time to share how you’re feeling, cast a vote, or raise your hand to ask the next question.

Build stronger remote relationships

Gather gives you context into who your team is and how they work best, leading to better collaboration and communication.

Personalize Avatars

Bring your authentic avatar to work. Every member of your team can select their appearance and express themselves each day.

Customize Desks

You can learn a lot about someone just by looking at their desk. Gather makes it easy to share your personality with your coworkers.

Social Experiences

Facilitate team activities, hold ice breakers, or take a break with built-in social games.

Why remote teams love Gather

Carolina Kia
CEO at weme

When we think about remote work, we think about asynchronous or synchronous communication, but Gather enables spontaneous conversations. It’s different when you have a spontaneous conversation than planned communication.

Isabella Sales
People Area Manager at Redspark

It was quickly apparent that on Gather, it is easy to facilitate human connection among people even if you are remote. You can converse with someone next to you in the office. You see each other while you are working. It is easy to have all of our meetings in this digital space.

Tobias Nendel
CTO & Co-Founder of TradeLink

We love our virtual office because it lets us keep the spontaneity of an in-person office alive.

Host a virtual conference

Engage your community with a virtual event space on Gather. Create breakout rooms, give individual booths to partners, and make it easy for attendees to network together.

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