On February 21st, we'll be lowering the limit of our free plan to 10 users. Pricing itself is not changing. Learn more here.
How many people will be in your Gather Space at the same time?
Fewer than 25
Great for small teams or trying Gather for the first time
$0 USD/user
Up to 25 users
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Per day
Ideal for team offsites and virtual conferences
$3 USD/user
Starts at $75 for 25 users
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Monthly Subscription
Best for remote teams collaborating day-to-day
$7 USD/user
Starts at $175/month for 25 users
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Unlimited audio, video, and chat
There's no limit to meetings or messages in Gather. Talk to your team as much as you need!
Customizable Maps & unlimited rooms
Start with a template or use our custom Mapmaker tool to design the virtual office of your team's dreams
Number of users
The number of users that can be in your Space at the same time
Up to 25
Up to 500
Access & security
Email guest list
Restrict access to your Space with a list of emails
Domain-restricted access
Only allow users with email address ending in 'exampledomain.com'
Manage Space preferences
Disable specific features, such as chat and screen sharing
Dedicated server
Experience greater stability and performance
Advanced customer support
Work with our team to further customize your plan and ensure your space runs smoothly
Password-protected access
Restrict access to your Space with a password
Block, ban, or kick users
Moderators can block, ban, or kick users from a Space
Shut down a Space
Restrict all users from entering your Space when not in use
Delete a Space
Permanently remove your Space and Space contents
Space analytics (Monthly subscriptions only) 
Report & analyze data about users in your Gather office
Upon Request
Discounted pricing

Gather is always 30% off for educational institutions and non-profits.
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