Virtual Office Pricing

Create a space where your remote team can cowork, hold meetings, and create a shared culture.


Best for small teams or trying Gather for the first time.
Free for up to 10 users
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✔️ Up to 10 users
✔️ Unlimited audio, video and chat
✔️ Calendar integration
✔️ Full customization
Priority support
Domain restricted access

Monthly Subscription

Best for working with your whole team every day.
Starts at $70/month for 10 users
Start Free 30-Day Trial
✔️ Up to 500 users
✔️ Unlimited audio, video and chat
✔️ Calendar integration
✔️ Full customization
✔️ Priority support
✔️ Domain restricted access
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Paid Subscription
Unlimited audio, video, and chat
There's no limit to meetings or messages in Gather. Talk as much as you need!
Unlimited rooms & customizable maps
Start with a template or fully customize your office.
Priority customer support
Need help? Your questions move to the top of our queue.
Number of users
The number of users that can be in your office at the same time.
Up to 10
Up to 500


Paid Subscription
Personalize avatars and desks
Change your appearance and customize your workspace desks.
Sync with Google Calendar and Outlook
Easily schedule meetings in Gather and view upcoming events.
Schedule unlimited meetings
Talk to teammates whenever you need. No limits to meetings or messages.
Embed interactive objects
Access important links within your office.
Built-in team building activities
Play a quick game together or talk around the virtual water cooler.
Space analytics
Report & analyze data about users in your Gather office.
Upon Request

Access & security

Paid Subscription
Temporary guest invites
Share access to your office for a limited time.
Password-protected access
Restrict access to your office with a password.
Block, ban, or kick users
Admins can block, ban, or kick users from your office at any time.
Domain-restricted access
Limit access into your office with an email address ending in "".

Why remote teams love Gather

Nolan Kruse
Sr. Solutions Architect

Gather is definitely worth the minimal investment. It gives you the perks of flexible work without the downsides. And it helps people have fun - it’s a no brainer.

Jonas Morgner
Chief of Staff

Gather has changed and enhanced the way that we break borders and empower an international company. We have felt the positive impact of Gather on the way we work from Day 1.

Carolina Kia
CEO at weme

When people think about weme now, they think about our remote office on Gather. It’s an important part of our company.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I upgrade to a monthly subscription?

To upgrade to a monthly subscription that automatically renews each month, go to your space settings and select “Upgrade.”

For more details, follow along with this help doc.

What is the difference between a free plan and monthly subscription? 

By default, all new Gather offices are on our free plan which allows up to 10 concurrent users. 

When you upgrade to a monthly subscription, you can have up to 500 concurrent users in your office in addition to features like premium support and domain access control. Your monthly subscription fee is based on the number of concurrent users you’re planning to have in your office. 

Does the monthly subscription include 10 free users?

It does not. When you purchase a monthly subscription, you’ll get extra features like increased capacity and premium support. Because of this, you’ll pay $7/user/month. 

For example, a monthly subscription that allows 11 people in your office at the same time would cost you $7 per person per month, so the total subscription cost would be $77/month. 

For questions about pricing or to discuss annual discounts, please contact sales

What if I have an office event coming up with more people than my normal capacity? 

You’ll either need to increase your subscription capacity or book a one-time event reservation. 

Note: These do not add on to each other. For example, if you have a monthly subscription for 30 people and create a one-time event reservation for 10, this does not increase your capacity to 40. Our system recognizes the reservation with the highest capacity.

For help adjusting your capacity, reach out to our team

Can I use Gather for more than 500 users?

Gather offices are limited to a maximum of 500 concurrent users to ensure stability and enhance the user experience. Offices with more than 500 users can still be built; they will just need to be split across multiple spaces with portals connecting them. Read more in our Connecting Spaces article.

Tip: Gather Ambassadors can help you manage a larger office to make sure it goes smoothly. 

Do office guests count toward my capacity?

If someone other than a Member attempts to join your office, they are considered a Guest. Guests are counted in your total concurrent user capacity. If you anticipate having multiple guests in your office simultaneously, you should consider increasing your space capacity.