Bring your remote team closer together

Gather gives you a persistent space where your team can communicate, collaborate, and feel more connected

‍“Before we started using Gather, we sat for 8 hours a day in a Google Meet just looking at each other’s faces. It was intimidating though, and more of a production. Gather is more casual to go chat rather than spending all day in a Google Meet or sending a link in Slack.”
Technical Support Manager at RITE

Reduce feelings of isolation

See who else is online and working. Gather gives you a sense of presence with your team, even when you’re not actively interacting with each other.

Build culture and context

Your virtual office is completely customizable. Design it to reflect your company values and to serve as a visual of who’s who on the team -- just like you would in a physical office.

See meetings happening in real-time, making it easy to join or talk to someone afterwards.
Keep the energy up with chat, emojis, and delightful surprises.
Multiple people can share their screen, making it easy to transition from one participant to the next.

Learn more about designing a virtual office in Gather

Get started with easy-to-use templates

Choose the perfect office style and size that reflects the culture of your team.

Learn about your Gather office floor plan

Inspiration for how to use your office and simple customizations to make it your own.

How to decorate your personal desk

Turn your virtual workspace into a natural way to connect with colleagues.

Build a Space that brings your distributed team closer together

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