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New ways to react in real-time during meetings
Raise your hand when you have a question, share how you’re feeling with emojis, and follow along with a new Reactions Feed!
Your Team’s First Week in Gather
The official guide for moving your remote team to Gather and making your new virtual office feel like home.
The Ultimate Guide to Better Video Meetings
Avoid meeting fatigue and keep your remote team happy and engaged by creating an energizing meeting environment. With these tips, you'll re-engage your teams on video calls and hold more productive meetings.
How to decorate your desk in Gather + inspiration
With Gather, remote employees can share the same experience of decorating a desk and learning more about your teammates as you walk around a virtual office. This guide will explain how to decorate your Gather desk, and then share some pixel-perfect examples to inspire your setup!
High-five: Background blur is here!
Now you can blur your background while you’re on video calls, and give high-fives to your friends in the office.
The Hero's Guide to Great Meetings on Gather
To help you make the most of your meetings and engage your remote team, we’ve put together this guide with 12 tips for great meetings on Gather. 
How TradeLink enhanced remote company culture with “enjoyable and effective” meetings in Gather
TradeLink scaled their remote company culture thanks to intentional, engaging meeting spaces in their virtual office on Gather. Read more about their onboarding process and tips for other remote teams!
An All New Meeting Experience in Gather!
Host your team on Gather with a remote office-optimized meeting experience. Create meetings from our new Chrome Extension and join your teammates in one click.
Best Practices For Holding Engaging Virtual Town Hall Meetings
Virtual Town Hall (or All Hands) meetings are essential for building a strong remote culture and team alignment. Learn our best practices for keeping your team engaged and inspired.