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What's new on Gather this week?
New-and-improved video and audio performance along with meeting controls and screenshare improvements.
Click and You’re In: Gather Socials Beat Zoom Fatigue
How do you throw an online social that isn’t just another grid of videos?
Try a Gather Social, fun games for virtual teams
Introducing new team building activities (Socials!), a semi-secret park space, and a variety of bug fixes.
Select multiple boxes in Mapmaker + other bug fixes
We’ve released updates to the Mapmaker experience, improvements for admins, and a variety of other bug fixes.
Have more fun with your remote team: Ride Go-Karts in the office or try a virtual escape room
We’ve partnered with Raid the Room to bring you a virtual escape room, made Go-Karts available in every Space via an extension, and launched several other small fixes this week.
A virtual dog for your virtual office
Woof, woof, woof! Now you can add office pets to your Space, use Photo Mode to take pictures, and mass mute everyone (great for events).
Better ways to customize and manage your virtual event Space
Learn about the latest updates in Gather, including new customizable event maps, in-Space event schedules, and Talk Rooms – perfect for event panels or Q&A!
A bunch of bug updates
This week, the latest updates to Gather were all about the details! The team fixed several bugs that will make your day-to-day a little more pixel-perfect.
Navigating your virtual office just got even easier
We’ve released a brand new app layout, a bigger video grid, and a world-clock extension for collaborating across time zones.