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How to Decorate Your Desk in Gather + Inspiration
With Gather, remote employees can share the same experience of decorating a desk and learning more about your teammates as you walk around a virtual office. This guide will explain how to decorate your Gather desk, and then share some pixel-perfect examples to inspire your setup!
How to Host a Go Kart Social on Gather
Engage your team, encourage socialization, and have a little bit of friendly competition. Learn how to host a Go Kart Social with the Gather Grand Prix!
Book Specific Meeting Areas
Streamline the process of creating a meeting by choosing a specific location for your conversation.
5 Ways to Communicate Your PTO Plans in Gather
Preparing for PTO? Here are 5 ways Gather can help you communicate your leave plans and prepare to be out of office.
2022 Gather Year in Review
We’re incredibly proud of everything our team has accomplished this year, and are more inspired by our customers than ever. Here’s a look at some of our biggest moments from 2022!
It’s Easier Than Ever to Purchase a Gather Plan
To make the process of picking a plan a little easier, we’ve updated the payment flow you’ll experience within the Gather app.
Gather, História de Sucesso: Como o Marvin usa a Gather para Interagir com sua Equipe Híbrida
Conversamos com Marcos, CTO e Co-Fundador, e Ricardo, Diretor Executivo de Estratégia de Parceiros, para saber mais sobre como sua equipe usa a Gather para facilitar interações significativas para sua equipe híbrida.
How Marvin Uses Gather to Interact with Their Hybrid Team
Marvin is revolutionizing B2B payment methods with a hybrid team based in São Paulo, Brazil. Learn how they use Gather to facilitate meaningful interactions for their hybrid team.
How RITE created a virtual office on Gather that inspires and engages their team
Take a tour through the RITE team's virtual office on Gather. They've intentionally designed their Space to reflect their company values and create a place where all employees can build strong relationships and experience chance encounters with each other.