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"Zoom can't enable circulating through a space, ducking out for a private conversation or walking to the middle of the room and suddenly making a big announcement, but Gather Town can handle those things.
Prof. Ada Palmer, University of Chicago
"We are treating [Gather Town] as an open place where students can come in. There are a number of students who really like the experience and vastly prefer it to Zoom.
CIS Department Chair Zachary Ives, University of Pennsylvania
"We co-taught our undergraduate Theory of Computation course in a flipped format on Gather Town. It was a fantastic experience. Class time was much more interactive than the Zoom classes we had both taught previously.
Prof. Jason Hartline and Prof. Aravindan Vijayaraghavan, Northwestern University
Gather for educators
Remote learning should be interactive
Private areas make helping individual groups a breeze: just hop from table to table to check in on your students.
Teach students in the right environment
Give lectures in a packed auditorium or hold office hours in a collaborative space.
Gather for students
Running a club is easier than ever before
No more booking spaces or looking for empty classrooms. Host meetings, retreats, and workshops from the comfort of your own room.
Study with friends in your favorite spot
Missing that one table in the student center? Re-create those long nights by taking breaks to chat with your best friends.
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