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Hip to be square

Capture the most tiles for your team in this colorful competition. Look out for treasure chests—they may hold power-ups or debuffs!

2 - 16 (at a time)

10 - 30min

Grand prix

Do all your friends call you Speed Racer? If not, do you want them to?! Find your inner Formula 1 driver in the Gather grand prix!

2 - 8 (at a time)

5 - 30min


Can you fool Sam from HR into believing you have a pet turtle named Gonzo? Test your poker face in the Gather poker room.

2 - 10 (per game)

15 - 30min

A room of several poker tables. The center table has five characters sitting at a table under spotlights

Talent show

Are you an expert ribbon dancer or knife juggler? Step into the spotlight and show off your skills in a Gather talent show.

8 - 32

15 - 60min

Several Gather characters standing in front of a stage, shooting confetti and sending up emojis