Our mission is to eliminate the physical barriers to opportunity and connection.
We're building a virtual universe to remove physical constraints on peoples' lives and improve how people connect, communicate, and interact online. Come join us!
Our Story
Gather was started in May 2020 by four friends looking to solve the question of "How do you stay close with friends and family that don’t live near you?” Fast-forward to today, we’re a small, friendly team based out of a state-of-the-art virtual office, where you can work whenever and wherever suits you.

We care a lot about building the Metaverse correctly and providing a virtual world which surpasses the real one in interconnectedness, personal touch, and expressiveness. We believe that the Metaverse can create opportunity and connection for everyone, no matter where they are.
five avatars display on a transparent background. The first on the far left is in a wheelchair and has brown hair with green highlights. The second has short dark hair and is dancing with a heart over his head. The third in the middle has grey hair in a bun. The fourth has long red hair and is dancing and sending a hand wave emote. The fifth on the far right is facing away from you and has long dark hair.
How We Work

We're fully distributed

Talent is everywhere but opportunity is not. Your job often dictates where you live - but this isn't the case at Gather. We empower everyone to work from their location of choice, and hire the brightest minds from across the world.

We get together to have fun

Our team prioritizes bonding and encourage social connection, in-person and on our platform. We have monthly socials, happy hours, and organized meet-ups - come join the fun!

We believe in diversity & inclusion

We believe that building the Metaverse for all should reflect a diversity of skills, perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences. We also believe that people feel empowered to do their best work when they are included, valued, and championed each day.

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Life at Gather

"Gather is a fun, magical place!" - Alison

"I love working here." - Everyone

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We're in 4 continents around the globe!
That includes 15 countries.
We work asynchronously across 10+ time zones!
Life at Gather
We're a metaverse-native company,
with people all over the world!

Our Principles

Collective impact is the north star

Gather cares about the Metaverse existing with the right values, and believe in collaborating and supporting mission-aligned organizations.

The Metaverse should be open and decentralized

The impact of the Metaverse will be broad, and will only be achieved with the level of innovation that open platforms bring.

Align our incentives with the good of our users

We think very carefully about how we can incentivize the best behavior possible and reject unaligned business models.

How We Support Our Employees

Well-being: Comprehensive medical, dental, & vision insurance

Remote work and health & wellness stipend

Professional & educational stipend to always be learning

Support for family planning & gender-affirmation

Meal stipends twice a week to keep you fueled

time-off to recharge

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