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Building remote team culture outside of meetings: A day in CTO Labs’ Gather office
CTO Labs has created a bustling virtual office that fuels collaboration, innovation, and a great work environment. To give you a sense of what it’s like to work day to day in Gather, here’s an inside look at CTO Labs’ virtual HQ.
Best Practices for Meetings on Gather
‍To help you hold productive and engaging conversations on Gather, this guide will teach you how to schedule meetings, interact during conversations, and share best practices for meeting in a virtual office. 
Bringing Your Team to Gather
Now that you’ve created your first virtual office, it’s time to bring in members of your team. These best practices will help you onboard your coworkers and ensure they have a great first experience working in Gather. 
Your Gather Office Floor Plan
‍To help you create the virtual office of your dreams, this guide will explain the floor plans of our starter templates and offer inspiration for how you can customize your space.
Introducing our new desktop minimode!
To give you better visibility into your virtual office when you’re working in other windows, we’ve released a brand new version of the desktop minimode! This gives you a mini Gather window that lets you see activity near you in the office while you stay focused on the task at hand. 
Getting Started with Gather
Welcome to your brand new virtual HQ! To help you get the most of your virtual office, here’s a quick overview of how to use Gather.
Best 5-minute games for virtual meetings
Start your next virtual meeting with one of these 5-minute games to build trust, increase collaboration, and boost team morale.
Quarterly Hackathons to Weekly Meetings: Flywheel Software’s Journey with Gather
Learn more about how Flywheel Software got started with Gather (hackathons!) and hear their best advice for other teams onboarding to a virtual office.
An All New Desk Experience! Express Yourself & Connect with Coworkers
Experience new ways to express yourself and interact with those around you in our latest desk update.