What's new on Gather this week?

New-and-improved video and audio performance along with meeting controls and screenshare improvements.

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What's new on Gather this week?

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Morgan Smith

We’re excited to bring you an update on our progress as we’ve been hard at work on new features and functionalities. We can’t wait to show them to you, but in the meantime, we have launched a variety of new updates since the start of the month:

Focused on performance 

We have added a new popup for when Gather detects issues with your audio or video during a conversation. Thank you for your ongoing feedback as we improve this critical feature. In addition, loading times have significantly decreased to get into your space allowing for a smoother experience across the platform. 

New ways to connect

Introducing a remote work playground with chess, a jukebox, and a newly redesigned rec room. You can build these directly into your office. (Available for new Spaces only.) Expect more updates to social experiences soon! 

Pathfinding & Navigation

You can now see paths to other users through doors that have passwords when Locating or Following another user in your space. You can exit your space using the “Leave space” button on the navigation bar – just make sure to come back soon! ;)

Private Areas & Occupancy

In the map editor you can give Private Areas unique names. Soon we will display these Private Area names within Gather. What will this do? In the future, when you enter a Private Area, you will see its name along with who is in it within the Participants panel.

New Camera and Mic Controls

You can now turn off someone's mic or camera in a meeting for all participants. We have also added a “You are muted” popup if Gather detects you are trying to talk but you are currently muted. (Here’s more on muting users.)

Screenshare Improvements

If you are screensharing and exit a Private Area, Gather will automatically end your screenshare for you. We’ve also improved the instructions for Mac users to help folks set up their permissions to allow for screen share.

Tips & Tricks

You’ll see some helpful tips and tricks on remote work office loading screens.


We’ve added viridian, orange, and pink hair to avatar customization.

Tech Tinkering

We are actively making adjustments and performing tests on the platform for a bigger and better Gather. The minimap is taking a little break, we’re improving our socials based on feedback, and testing out turning on/off sounds for AV muting, unmuting, DMs, and chats.

Start using these new features today!

If you have any questions about these updates, you can always visit our Help Center.

Making things better, bit by bit.

-The Gather Team

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