Performance and stability improvements (thanks, new rendering engine!)

We’ve got a new rendering engine that’s making movements in Gather super smooth, plus a variety of mobile updates and bug fixes.

This guide will cover:


Performance and stability improvements (thanks, new rendering engine!)

Photograph of Philip Wang
Morgan Smith

🚀 New Rendering Engine

A picture is worth a thousand words, but no picture can fully express the level of excitement we have for the overhaul of our rendering engine. This has been months in the making.

On the surface, you will see nicer name tags and some fancy effects for go karts (if you're using Gather for remote work). Beneath the surface, this opens many doors for the future advancement of our platform.  Notable changes include:

  • Even smoother movement
  • Object and avatar loading icons
  • Left Nav Menu keyboard navigation with aria labels
  • Adjustable name and prompt text sizes
  • Eraser mode outlining selected objects
  • Many, many performance and loading improvements
render engine go kart

📲 Mobile Improvements

Three mobile screens showing a winter Space in Gather. The first shows the interactive note object, the second an interactive plate of cookies, and the third of the message that displays when you try to view videos on mobile.

From object interactions to seeing and responding to chat, we've updated our mobile experience yet again! You can now read notes, see poster previews, open embedded sites, and catch the latest comments from your friends and coworkers.

A winter Space of Gather on mobile, with an arrow pointing from the chat icon at the bottom of the screen to the chat panel that expands when you tap the chat notification.

Note that our desktop-based browser experience is still the best way to access all of our features, including the ability to decorate your Space.

🦗Less Flashy Updates and Bug Round Up

  • Fixed character selections reverting each time
  • Added multi-select for events checklist
  • Fixed data deletion checkbox for Spaces with restricted access on newer modal
  • Improved performance for extensions by cleaning up unused threads
  • Fixed movement errors related to portals
  • Fixed issue with Spaces indicating that they are full when they are not
  • Fixed missing object id and fail to load issues
  • Fixed Anonymous appearing on Participants list for newly created Spaces
  • Improved performance relating to loading map layers
  • Improved server-side stability and reliability issues

✨See you in the New Year!

This will be our last update of 2021. It's certainly been an amazing year at Gather, and we appreciate you all for supporting us and sharing us with your friends and family. To make sure our staff can spend time with their own friends and family over the holidays, we are putting a hold on new feature releases and updates for the next few weeks.  We'll see you again in January!

That's all for now! Happy holidays!

(Now go get some rest!)

- The Gather Team

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