New year, new image improvements!

Learn about the latest updates to Gather, including improvements on image rendering and a bunch of bug fixes the team wrapped up for the start of the new year!

This guide will cover:


New year, new image improvements!

Photograph of Philip Wang
Morgan Smith

New year, new improvements!

⚙ Settings Menu Updates

We’ve been renovating our settings over the last few weeks. In case you haven’t seen them, here are a few we want to specifically point out:

Space Settings → Space Access → Require Login

This setting requires users entering your Space to both have a Gather account and be signed in for an added level of security.

User Settings → Accessibility → Reduce Motion

Formerly known as “turn off smooth movement,” this setting will adjust your character’s movement in Gather to be stepped. This feature may also help improve client-side performance.

User Settings → Graphics → Limit Frame Rate

If your computer sounds like it’s trying to take off into space every time you load Gather, this setting is for you

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🦋 Less Flashy Updates and Bug Round Up

Events checklist

  • Added progress bar to Basic Info page
  • Fixed text and paragraph formatting bugs for Event Details field
  • Added pop-up modal on bottom right of the dashboard to take you back to the checklist
  • Adjusted “Go to dashboard” button on the events checklist to go to user roles page for events with 25 or less participants


  • Adjusted the applause extension to trigger sooner
  • Re-added the friendly plant extension (Previously placed plants will no longer work. Please remove and replace!)

Objects/ Image Rendering

  • Fixed a bug that prevented some objects from loading properly
  • Fixed several bugs that prevented sound objects from playing properly
  • Fixed timed objects bug where objects set to appear at a specific time were not properly accounting for timezones
  • Adjusted video-off character icons to scale dynamically with video container size
  • Adjusted normal images with property set to blank via API to display as a transparent texture
  • Fixed issue where live editing backgrounds and foregrounds were not propagating properly
  • Fixed issue with colored private tiles appearing offset
  • Fixed issue with private areas not rendering properly on large maps
  • Fixed tooltips not appearing after going through the tutorial
  • Fixed object rendering issue where an additional border would appear on the right side of objects

Movement Bugs

  • Adjusted viewport to be bounded by map edges rather than always centered on your character
  • Fixed bug where character names and outfits would reset or change when portaling between Spaces
  • Fixed bug where characters would continuously walk in place
  • Fixed sticky key issue that caused characters to continuously move in a direction after they released the directional key
  • Fixed issue with keyboard movement lag


  • Mobile - Fixed context menu from appearing over chat screen
  • Deprecated pinned moderator messages for non-remote work Spaces (Replaced by information board)
  • Fixed information board not appearing in Spaces created through the Event Checklist
  • Fixed announcement text overflow
  • Added ability for Space moderators to change and adjust reservation-only premium features
  • Updated blocked permissions to prevent blocked users from locating, following, or sending chats to blocker
  • Fixed bug that prevented new rooms from being created from existing rooms in existing Spaces
  • Adjusted default homepage tab to be My Spaces rather than the Explore tab
  • Fixed Space capacity bug for currently active but set to be canceled subscriptions
  • Added text to screen indicating when you have turned off someone’s screen share or video, or muted someone who has their video turned off
  • Fixed bug that would sometimes pause and not resume incoming audio/video connections when switching between grid and carousel video modes
  • Updated desktop app to latest version of Electron

If you have any questions about these updates, you can always visit our Help Center.

Making things better, bit by bit.

-The Gather Team

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