Click and You’re In: Gather Socials Beat Zoom Fatigue

How do you throw an online social that isn’t just another grid of videos?

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Click and You’re In: Gather Socials Beat Zoom Fatigue

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Joy Bancroft

We’ve all heard of “Zoom fatigue” by this point—that unique feeling of exhaustion that comes from too much time in front of a webcam. In a 2021 study by Virtira Consulting, 49% of remote workers reported a high degree of exhaustion as a directresult of the number of daily video calls. Additionally, loneliness and isolation are the largest reported concerns within remote work. As more companies commit to remote-first or hybrid work environments, finding ways to combat these feelings of exhaustion and isolation is vital. If at least half your team is burned out by constant video calls, it’s time to change things up!

One solution to mitigate the exhaustion of video meetings is virtual team socials. Offering a weekly or monthly time for your team to blow off steam (while still getting paid) helps co-workers feel more connected and engaged. But how do you throw an online social that isn’t just another grid of videos?

A blurred view of a laptop with a zoom-like video feed grid

Enter Gather.

Gather isn’t just another video conferencing tool. With audio and video that engages based on your Gather character’s location relative to others, Gather takes the joy of 8-bit graphics and mixes in video chat to create a completely new, engaging experience.

The interactive nature of Gather brings back moments of serendipity, like catching up with somebody in the break room or grabbing a cocktail with colleagues after work. With Gather, you can set up a bespoke virtual office and discover massive growth in relationships, productivity, and collaboration.

But did you know Gather is also perfect for hosting unforgettable team socials? And set up only takes a few minutes?

Five Gather staff on a Gather go kart track

With just a few clicks, your team can be duking it out with Draw Battle, getting to know each other in Speed Gathering, or racing each other on go-karts. We’ve got a variety of integrated games like poker, Code Words, One Night Werewolf, and more that are just one click to play. We’ve even designed a race track, trivia pub, poker den, and virtual escape room, and we’re constantly releasing new experiences.

Planning a virtual social will help your team bond personally so they can do their best work professionally.

What are you waiting for? Bring your team back together today—spin up a Gather social now!

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