株式会社アドミンはメタバースに特化したスタートアップ企業です。2020年を機に徹底したデジタルトランスフォーメーション(DX)を敢行し「サイバー企業」へと事業転換しました。 現在全社員がGatherを「職場」とし日々活動しています。




・マップ内設置オブジェクトにリンクさせるオリジナルWebコンテンツ制作 等




■ ギャザータウン案内所(https://www.admin-n.com/gather/)

Admin Inc. is a start-up company, specializes in the Metaverse. We transformed ourself into a ‘cyber company’ by undertaking a thorough digital transformation (DX) in the year 2020. Currently, all of our team work daily in Gather Town as their workplace. We offer productive suggestion to meet the demand of our customers’ industries and needs. For example,

・Map production

・Linking to online payments

・Original web content linked to the objects in the map, etc.

We can also offer and develop contents that can be purchased in virtual currencies such as Stable Coins using METAMASK in Gather Town, as well as NFT purchases, smart contracts developments are also available. More information, please contact gather@admin-n.com

What we offer

Space Design
Remote work office planning
Event management
API & software solutions
Custom asset development
Tech support & live staffing
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