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A better way for your remote team to
Build digital Spaces for your distributed team to make virtual interactions more human.
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Fluid Video & Audio Chat

Make virtual interactions more human

Walking in and out of conversations feels natural and seamless in Gather. Say goodbye to meeting fatigue and hello to an energized team!
Objects & Integrations

Collaborate beyond the video grid

Build a connected and productive team with interactive objects like whiteboards, documents, and games.
Unique Spaces

Make your virtual office your own

Start with a template, decorate your desks, or create a fully custom Space. It's an extension of your company culture!
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"In the past, friends who didn’t live in town often complained about feeling left out; now they didn’t have to be . . . The convenience was undeniable."
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"Instead of it being the Zoom-style rooms you enter and leave, Gather feels so much more natural, with you wandering around the space and mingling between groups."
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"My events on Gather just feel fun . . . I've been able to wander around and join different conversations; I didn't have to stay "on" as the unofficial emcee the entire time."

Gather for remote work

Bring authenticity, spontaneity, and human-first collaboration back to distributed teams.

cowork in a digital office

Remote work shouldn't be isolating

Bring your distributed team together in a single Space where you can hold productive meetings, engaging socials, and spontaneous coworking.
Design your dream office

Host engaging meetings

Add more dimension to the video grid

Collaborate in real-time, side-by-side, in scheduled meetings or serendipitous conversations. Unlimited video, audio, and chat in every plan.
Host engaging meetings

connect with team socials

Team culture isn't restricted to physical offices

Build a strong remote culture with built-in games and a feeling of presence that keeps everyone connected, no matter where you're working from.
Build a strong team
Unlimited Creativity

Gather has space for anything

We've seen concerts, birthday parties, escape rooms, product launches, and even wedding venues hosted on Gather.
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Building better teams, bit by bit

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