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Make virtual meetings easy for your team
Collaborate in real-time, side-by-side, in scheduled meetings or spontaneous conversations.
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Add delightful dimension to the video grid
A digital, “physical” space gives your remote team new ways to collaborate, like holding a fishbowl meeting or going around the table for a standup.
Unlimited audio, video, and chat
Turn on your camera, talk to your coworkers, share your screen, or send a chat. We’ve got unlimited communication included in all plans (including leaving letters on your coworkers’ virtual desks!)
Book a virtual conference room
Install our Google Chrome Extension to easily set a meeting spot in your Gather office. All it takes is a quick click to join, whether you're inviting teammates or a guest for the day.
Or skip the meeting entirely
Easily pop over to your teammate's desk to ask a quick question or just say hi. No scheduling needed!
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