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Let's bring your team together again
Whether you're a team of 20 or 2000, Gather makes it easy to create an engaging space where you can collaborate and connect with your team.
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Build your team's culture
Keep the conversation flowing by using private areas to split off into small groups. Hang out with your team at lunches, game nights, or happy hours - the possibilities are endless.
No office? No problem
Create your team's very own virtual office, where everyone gets their own desk to decorate.
Not every conversation needs a meeting
Easily pop over to your teammate's desk to ask a quick question or just say hi.
Have one dedicated workspace
Collaborate with your team in one place, without having to send links or search for files. Brainstorm ideas on whiteboards, edit shared documents, or hold daily stand-ups.
Be an active participant in presentations
Just walk up to share your work, and react in real time using chat and emojis.
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Building better teams, bit by bit.

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