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ZyGen offers Gather services ranging from art design, space design, event design, and also digital transformation using as a platform for the augmented workplace for new normal. This is not only building space but also integrating the space with various IT backend systems and adding employees gamification to increase work productivity, engagement, better relationship, and happier people and a happier workplace. ZyGen also transforms itself into a digital company where we do NOT require our staff to work at the office anymore. Working at the office has become optional for our employees.

About ZyGen:

ZyGen Company Limited (ZG) was founded in 1999 as a professional consulting service firm with our principal office in Thailand. The company’s MISSION is “Innovative Consultancy for BETTER BUSINESS and LIFE”. ZyGen has been developing and introducing new innovations to our customers. The aim to is to help our customers to achieve great business performance while improving its employee to work more comfortably and more effectively at the same time.

Currently, ZyGen has more than 140 full-time permanent employees with expertise in various IT solutions and other innovations. ZyGen gears itself towards building the appropriate skill sets, processes, and services to cater to new and continuously changing customer demands to align with our Vision. “Trustworthy partner who help to make SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS with its HAPPY PEOPLE”

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