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Metaverse isn't just a space, but it's more about the people." Our job is to craft the best human experiences in the Metaverse. We use our architectural and software development expertise to create fresh and meaningful Gather spaces to achieve our client's business goals. To make a great Gather event, the good quality space isn't enough, we also have created many useful tools with our own API integrations with Gather for the hosts to interact with their audiences. We have worked with our clients to create all sizes of spaces and events from 100 guests up to 3,000 guests. Some of the one-day events generated over $1 million in transaction value for our clients.

Y-Verse is a team of architects, software developers, blockchain and smart contract engineers, designers, Livestream production and marketers. We are a full-stack Gather developer team, here are our services

- Pre-Event: Bulk Invitations Email, Ticketing to your event, NFT ticket, Event Marketing, Custom Gather Manual (Your brand)

- Space Development: Space Design and Development, Customer Journey and Business Solution Design, Native Gather Game Design, Web Development for Embedded Objects, Space Templates

- Tech & Integration: Host Remote Tool, Ecommerce and Payments, NFT and MetaMask Integrations

- Event: Livestream Service, Hosts and Staffs, Tech Support, Private Cloud Streaming Set-up

- Analytics: Attendee Tracker, Livestream Analytics

- Class: Introduction to Gather Workshop, Gather Space Building Workshop