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TechFrontier was founded with the idea that remote no longer means distant and with the aim to create top-class experiences on the Gather platform.​ We are team of creative tech-geeks from diverse professional backgrounds with a passion for using new tech to bring people together in a sustainable and inclusive way.

Simply put, we want to break down barriers, bring people together and create lasting memories through virtual spaces.

TechFrontier helps you bring your ideas into reality, creating virtual worlds that spark joy, while meeting your needs. We offer off-the-shelf spaces, as well as custom designs, all tailormade for the event or purpose. Let us craft your personalized experience!

What we offer:

From ideation to production, we support our customers in designing and running the event they dream of. Services can include space creation workshops, trainings, event management & hosting, moderation, and more!​

Kick-offs, teambuilding, hackathons, meet-ups, and even game nights are just some of the ways our services can bring people together. We try to offer a wide variety of options and services at an affordable price.​

Working from home or have teams spread around the country/world can be challenging when building team and growing company culture. We re-create offices and help create customized offices, while remaining on brand.​