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Future Meets Present is a design Studio based in Brooklyn focused on sustainability and social impact. Among other design offerings we produce beautiful HD Gather worlds.Our specialty, no matter the project, is to make the invisible, visible. Primarily, when it comes to climate change and climate solutions. We constantly ask the question: what will the world look like once climate change is "solved?"

Our theory is that visualizing our "desired state" will accelerate the process. We take this mindset into our Gather map-making services, working with you to visualize your highest aspirations.

As a design studio, we see our clients more as partners and usually take on no more than 1-2 at a time. This way we can dive deep and go through the ideation process together starting from mood/vision board --> sketch --> basic blueprint --> high quality architectural models --> build into Gather. We meet on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to ensure we're always seeing the same thing. We recently had the honor of working to produce the annual NYC Earth Day in Gather which was highlighted in Time Square and CNN.

Looking forward to meeting you :)