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Digital Medium provides virtual event production services to a range of conferences and educational events.

We use Gather Town to create engaging and exciting spaces to host a variety of content sessions, socialize and to add gamification to the online attendee experience. We have a breadth of knowledge from a variety of disciplines and areas of expertise, which we draw upon in the aim of creating the most interactive attendee experiences.

We can develop custom art, maps and venues. Both in-house or through our network of artists and designers. These spaces can be abstract, fantasy-themed or we can take the floorplan for a physical venue and replicate this within Gather Town.

We assist our clients in managing, recording, editing and releasing media from their events, from speaker training and rehearsals, through to full editing services. We also manage a number of our client's YouTube channels, releasing presentations on schedules designed to optimize viewership. We've captured and released over 1000 professional presentation videos and supported hundreds of presenters in live sessions.

We offer the following services:

· Custom Maps

· Custom Art Dev

· Translating PhysicalSpaces into Gather

· Online ConferenceManagement/Production

· Guides/Technicians& Tech Support Staff

· Speaker, Volunteer& Event Staff Training

· ProfessionalLive-streaming Services

· Audio/Video Recordingand Editing

· Video Distribution& YouTube Management Services

· Talk &Presentation Support

· Gather Integrations