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How to Host a Virtual Holiday Party in Gather
Ready to host your team’s favorite virtual holiday party yet? Follow these steps to plan your party in Gather!
7 Quick and Easy Winter Decorating Tips for your Gather Office
Transform your Gather office into a winter wonderland with these quick and easy decorating tips.
How We Gather: Deep-diving into how our tech teams work together at Gather
It may not surprise you that at Gather, we go to work in our virtual office on the very tool we build. Our teams are testing new office features every day as we tinker, build, and collaborate on Gather! We sat down with three members of our engineering team to share with you how they Gather.
Como a weme aumentou o engajamento dos funcionários com um espaço de trabalho remoto vibrante na Gather
A weme ajuda seus clientes a transformarem completamente seus negócios. E assim, a weme também transformou seu ecossistema de inovaçãoem uma agradável e altamente integrada comunidade digital na Gather.
How weme increased employee engagement with a joyful remote workspace on Gather
weme transformed their in-person innovation ecosystem to a highly-connected, delightful digital community on Gather. Here’s the story of how they created a joyful culture that inspires connections that employees and clients love to be a part of!
Details & Thrive: How Gather’s Engineering, Product, and Design teams fixed 116 bugs in two weeks
Our EPD team (Engineering, Product, and Design) held a two-week sprint entirely focused on the details of the Gather experience, in which they fixed 116 bugs! We sat down with three members of the team to get a behind-the-scenes look at this unique sprint.
Join Gather meetings with our new Slack App!
Jump into meetings in your virtual office straight from Slack with a brand new Gather Slack App!
Pixel-Perfect Details: 116 Bug Fixes & Improvements
To help your team thrive when using Gather, we’ve launched 116 improvements and bug fixes that make it easier to use, more reliable, and a little more fun! 
Gather Customer Spotlight: A Conversation with Redspark on Remote Work Culture
We visited Redspark's Gather office to chat with Isabella (“Isa”) Sales, the People Area Manager overseeing culture strategy at Redspark. Isa shared how Gather has upgraded and transformed Redspark’s remote work culture, productivity, and ability to source talent all across Brazil.