Start your engines and race your coworkers in a new team Social

Photograph of Philip Wang
Morgan Smith

Grab your coworkers for a digital break around the race track, and learn about the latest improvements to the Gather desktop app. 

Grand Prix: A blazing fast social to connect with your team!

Who’s the greatest go-kart racer in the office? Now you can officially compete in the Gather Grand Prix! Our newest Social Experience features three maps and most importantly, a leaderboard, so you can keep track of your all-star racers. 

To get started, walk over the Socials Bridge if it’s in your Space. (Look around the edges of your office if you’re not sure!) If your Space was created before we built these magical bridges into our templates, you can add a Socials Door through the Object Picker

Check your hair before you enter the office

When you enter your Gather office, you’ll notice the first screen looks a little different. We’ve simplified the settings, but you can still review your audio and video, edit your avatar, and make sure you're all set before connecting with your remote teammates. 

Small improvements to the Gather desktop app

If you’re on a Mac with Apple Silicon, good news: The Gather app got a performance boost! You should see our app run much more smoothly and be less intensive on your machine. 

(Not sure if your Mac is using Apple Silicon or an Intel Processor? This guide can help.) 

And if you recognize this “New Update Available” screen, we’ve got even better news: We fixed a bug that was preventing some users from actually updating the Gather app (and therefore showing this prompt every time they opened it). 

With the bug fixed, you should be able to update the app like normal. If you’re still stuck in this loop, click here to download the latest version from our site. 

A few other desktop improvements: 

  • We fixed the error sometimes being thrown when maximizing the window
  • We fixed the bug that caused the update modal to freeze the app
  • We fixed the miniview breaking when going between miniview -> fullscreen -> miniview
  • We added a default background color to the window. This makes the initial loading and miniview + video screens look a bit better!

If you have any questions about these updates, you can always visit our Help Center.

Making things better, bit by bit.

- The Gather Team

PS…Have you checked out the avatar selector recently? Hint: We wanted to give you the ability to be festive year-round! Surprise your coworkers with some middle-of-the year holiday cheer. 😄

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