Select multiple boxes in Mapmaker + other bug fixes

We’ve released updates to the Mapmaker experience, improvements for admins, and a variety of other bug fixes.

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Select multiple boxes in Mapmaker + other bug fixes

Photograph of Philip Wang
Morgan Smith

📦  Introducing Box Select

We’ve added Box select (keyboard shortcut: G) in the Mapmaker. Now you can select multiple objects and/or tile effects to move, copy, or delete them. By default, the tool selects both tile effects and objects; in the Top Nav Menu, you can choose to limit your selection to just objects or just tile effects.

🦋  More Updates and Bug Round Up

  • Added messages to password doors so you know if no password has been set, if your update to the password was saved, or if you entered the wrong password.
  • Updated the guest list feature so that Space Admins are not locked out of the Space if they forget to add their email to the .csv file.
  • Fixed Q&A download feature so that answers provided during the session in the chat display in the downloaded file.
  • Fixed auto-scrolling in Chat so that the newest message is visible without scrolling.
  • Implemented fixes for some connection issues, with updated messaging and better data reporting. More improvements coming soon!

If you have any questions about these updates, you can always visit our Help Center.

Making things better, bit by bit.

-The Gather Team

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