Navigating your virtual office just got even easier

We’ve released a brand new app layout, a bigger video grid, and a world-clock extension for collaborating across time zones.

This guide will cover:


Navigating your virtual office just got even easier

Photograph of Philip Wang
Morgan Smith

✨ New Navigation UI

We’re excited to announce our new navigation layout! Our team brainstormed how to make Gather both easier to use and more flexible for adding new features. A few things we think you’ll love include the easy-to-access mic and camera toggles, a personal video feed that doesn’t take up space in the Map, and navigation that resizes without losing any icons.

Try out the new navigation by opening Settings (Ctrl/⌘+P), selecting the User tab, and toggling on Navigation 2.0. We’re aiming to release this to everyone on March 28. Tell your friends!

The User Settings modal with the General section open. The first setting is Navigation 2.0, which is outlined in red and toggled off.

↗ Increased Video Grid Capacity

A video grid showing 16 video feeds of smiling Gather employees and a few Gather pets.

You can now see up to 16 people at a time when you expand your video carousel into grid mode.

If you notice performance issues with the larger video grid size, you can turn off the larger grid size in User Settings under Audio/Video.

👋 Come Say Hi [Partial Roll-Out]

A city Space in Gather with Riley standing on a sidewalk with a Come say hi speech bubble above their head. The Come say hi feature is outlined in red in the bottom bar and in Riley’s status on the Participants panel.

It’s hard to tell when it’s okay to walk up and chat with someone at a big event. We’re trying out a new feature to help break the ice and provide a clear signal to others when you’re happy to chat.

When you toggle this on, your status will change to “Come say hi!” and there will be a speech bubble over your head saying, “Come say hi!” to make it easier for others to find you. To remove either of these, simply toggle the feature off.

🕰  World Clock Extension

The World Clock modal displays where you can enter your city and state/country to show your local time in your status.

Working with colleagues across several time zones? Never sure if it’s a good time to bother your co-worker? With the World Clock extension, you can have your local time displayed in your status.

To use this, you will need to:

  1. Activate the extension from the Mapmaker.
  2. Use the Object Picker to place the world clock object in your Space.
  3. Interact with the world clock object to set your location and encourage your coworkers to do the same.

🦋 Less Flashy Updates and Bug Round Up

  • Centered maps to prevent smaller Spaces from being tucked into upper left corner of your screen.
  • Added graphical video stats to debug mode.
  • Resolved issues with private area overlays displaying incorrectly.
  • Removed ability to add “/” to Space names.
  • Resolved issue with character movement stuttering in Firefox.
  • Adjusted WASD tutorial in remote work Spaces to only display for new users.
  • Fixed missing title bar for Desktop App.
  • Adjusted messaging on Spaces created with an anonymous account to make it more clear that the current Space cannot be recovered or transferred to an account.
  • Deprecated friendship system.
  • Fixed issue with how similar images were stored.

If you have any questions about these updates, you can always visit our Help Center.

Making things better, bit by bit.

-The Gather Team

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