Give tours of your virtual office

Now you can request coworkers or guests to automatically follow your avatar, making it easy to give tours of your Space or continue a conversation while moving through the office.

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Give tours of your virtual office

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Morgan Smith

 Happy Lunar New Year! For those of you who celebrate, we hope you’ve been making good use of our LNY objects to bring some extra good luck and prosperity into your Spaces.

🙋‍♀️ Request to Lead

Want to give a tour to someone new or let your coworker know you’re ready to meet? From the Participants list, click the name of the person you want to lead. Their info card opens, where you can select Request to Lead. Alternatively, you can right click on their character to bring up a context menu with the same option.

After you send a Request to Lead, a pop-up displays on that person's screen, asking them if they would like to follow you. A preview image in the pop-up shows them where you are so they know where they will go if they accept.

A Gather office with a pop up modal that says, "Request to follow, Jean would like to lead you around the Space. Would you like to follow?" with an option to decline or accept.

🦋 Less Flashy Updates and Bug Round Up

  • Added warning message when someone else edits a post on the Information Board while you are editing the same post.
  • Added a character counter for posts on the Information Board. (Posts can be up to 1500 characters.)
  • Fixed issue where Space Admins could not change the primary room for a Space without first adding themselves as a Builder.
  • Fixed issue where a non-existent person named Anonymous would appear on your Participants list if you went through the tutorial.
  • Fixed issue with objects and avatars loading as black boxes with green lines for cases where the Space background loads normally.
  • Lots of work on connection reliability.

If you have any questions about these updates, you can always visit our Help Center.

Making things better, bit by bit.

-The Gather Team

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