Join Gather meetings with our new Slack App!

Jump into meetings in your virtual office straight from Slack with a brand new Gather Slack App!

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Join Gather meetings with our new Slack App!

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Serendipitous connections in Gather just got a huge upgrade! You can now jump into team meetings in your virtual office straight from Slack with our brand new Gather Slack App.

Install the Gather Slack App

To start a meeting in your Gather office, simply type “/gather” in Slack chat with the coworkers you’d like to meet with. 

You can start a meeting for as many people are in the channel or DM, or you can select a different number of people. 

The app will use Gather’s meeting experience features to automatically select a Private Area in your space that has the right capacity for your group. 

As you and your team members click on the generated link in Slack, you’ll each be brought to the correct meeting space in your office together. 

Guests external to your office who use the meeting link can also join, but will each be labeled in your space as a Guest and will have Guest permissions. More information on the experience for external guests is available on our Meetings Extension page.

Ready to get started with Gather’s Slack App experience? Connect your Slack Workspace to your Gather Space via the grapes menu in the lower left hand corner of your Gather Space. Make sure you’re signed into your Slack Workspace, and from there, you can grant permissions for the app installation. For more detailed help center information on this new integration, click here.

Install the Gather Slack App

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