New Ways to React in Real-Time During Meetings

Raise your hand when you have a question, share how you’re feeling with emojis, and follow along with a new Reactions Feed!

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New Ways to React in Real-Time During Meetings

Photograph of Philip Wang
Morgan Smith

When you talk with your team in person, there are all sorts of physical actions you can take to show how you’re feeling: Raising your hand when you have a question. Laughing when your coworkers are funny (or not so funny). Clapping to celebrate some good news!

Today, we’re excited to bring more of these moments to your virtual meetings on Gather with brand new reactions! 

Use the newly improved emote bar to react in real-time

The emote bar in the bottom navigation has a new design. In the bar, you can see five emojis. You can either click on one or use the corresponding number key to react with that emoji.

As you may have seen in the Map View, everyone sees the emoji above your avatar’s head. In Meeting View, the emoji appears in your video grid. 

Looking for an emoji that isn’t in your emote bar? Click the “More emotes” button on the right. This will let you react with any emoji your heart desires (or any heart you desire for your emoji). You can also customize the five showing in your emote bar – helping you react even faster with your favorites!  

When you’re in Meeting View, you’ll also notice the new emote bar is automatically expanded, making it easier for you to share how you’re feeling with a single emoji. 

See everyone’s reactions during meetings 

Watch your crowd go wild as everyone reacts in real-time! The new reaction feed in Meeting View shows the emojis being clicked during a meeting. 

It’s helpful for speakers to know how attendees are feeling, and easy for participants to engage without having to unmute or clutter the chat. 

Raise your hand without disrupting the speaker

Have something to say or a question to ask? Now you can “raise your hand” - a visual way to signal that you’d like a turn to speak. This will turn the outline of your video yellow and show the raised hand emoji above your avatar. But unlike reactions, it’ll stay there until you “lower your hand” with the same button.  

If you have any questions about these updates, you can always visit our Help Center.

Making things better, bit by bit.

- The Gather Team

PS….If your meeting encourages enough people to react with confetti or hearts at the same time, you may see a surprise! We highly recommend scheduling a call with some good news to check it out. 🎉❤️

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